Live Concert at the DK pos. Novaya Olkhovka

The jazz and soul concert at the DK pos. Novaya Olkhovka on December 26, 2022 was a special event for the community. The concert, which was held as a non-profit gift, featured the talented Cuban musician, singer, and composer Dany Chao.

The closed event was a perfect way to celebrate the upcoming holiday season and ring in the New Year. Dany Chao performance was a true display of good vibes and very sweet moments that made of the space a very enjoyable feelings.

The concert was a true celebration of jazz and soul music, and the community was thrilled to have the opportunity to experience such a talented artist in such an intimate setting. The concert was a perfect way to end the year and bring in the new one with a touch of class and elegance.

Overall, the concert was a memorable experience for all in attendance and the community is already looking forward to the next opportunity to enjoy the music of Dany Chao.